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Welcome to That Whole Thing

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

In December of 2012, Cort Webber and Bobby Roberts took their almost 10 year-old show, cortandfatboy, to a sun-dappled, pastoral meadow, to spend what time it had left running free with all the other retired talkshows. Or at least that’s the nice way to say it. The other way to say it involves an air-hammer, a closed door, and six-foot-deep hole.

After a couple months in which Cort watched his life pass him by while producing shows at a terrestrial talk station, and Bobby earned his blu-ray spending-money at one of Portland’s alt-weekly newspapers, the duo decided that not only did the podcast game still need them, more importantly (and truthfully), they needed to be back in the podcast game.

Hence: Welcome to That Whole Thing, a weekly hour-long news program, blending “serious business” type stories from the front pages of the internet, with goings-on from the wonderful world of pop-culture; all cut with the sort of silliness, satire, and sarcasm they’ve infused into almost every subject they’ve approached in their combined 20+ years of broadcast/podcast experience. It’s not the conversational free-for-all you’re used to from these two, but a more focused (ish) look at the biggest stories of the week through their uniquely Portland perspective.

This new show premieres February 1st, 2013, and new episodes – sponsored by purveyors of all things pop culture Things FromAnother World and distributed by Portland Podcast Godfather and creator of pdx.fm, Robert Wagner – will update every Monday thereafter.

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