That Whole Marriage Thing (with Byron Beck and Juan Martinez)

In 2015, Portland will witness the closest thing it’ll ever have to a Royal Wedding, when Juan Martinez and Byron Beck finally tie the knot after 20 years of being together, and 10 years of fighting the state government for the right to be recognized as human beings deserving of equal rights. Find out how Byron wooed Juan while visiting the Gap, Juan’s interesting solution to winning fights with Byron, the manner in which a proposal popped out of Byron at just the right moment, and if you thought fighting the law was the hard part, you’ve probably never tried to plan a wedding. Listen as we try to help Byron and Juan muddle through the 3 most important questions any couple needs to answer before they say I do.

That Whole Breakup Thing (with Courtenay Hameister)

Our favorite Wisenheimer is back to look at romance from the other side of the coin: Instead of trying to get into a relationship, Courtenay Hameister of Live Wire Radio talks about bailing out of one – or getting bailed out on. Using a healthy balance of personal anecdote and SCIENCE, Courtenay offers some help on how to recover from getting left, how to reclaim moments you don’t want tainted forever, how to prevent (or postpone) the breakup from happening in the first place, and how to handle the situation when you’re the one doing the dumping.

That Whole Murder Thing (with Chelsea Cain)

Chelsea Cain makes a living killing people. They’re made-up people of course, totally fictional, but still: Murder is her business, and business is great, because she puts a lot of thought and care into the most important aspect of murder; not the mechanics the knifing, or the basic details of the bloodletting, but the backstories of the hunted, and the relationships with the hunter, and the sorts of horrifying things that really get to you at night, the sorts of ordinary things that can really screw up your ordinary life.

That Whole Cooking Thing (with Brian and Lisa Wood)

The owners/proprietors/culinary geniuses behind Portland’s world-famous Big-Ass Sandwiches stop in to talk about the love of cooking; a love that isn’t necessarily easily learned, but is wholly and completely rewarding. The basics of cooking are touched upon, as are the basics of dishwashing, the basics of getting chewed out in a kitchen, the basics of bacon, and the basics of finding yourself in the middle of a meat olympics after having put a pig head through a bandsaw. You know – the basics.

That Whole Future Thing (with Daniel H. Wilson)

The author of Robopocalypse and the new Robogenesis discusses THE FUTURE, which isn’t the murderous dystopia you’re used to getting from pop-culture. Or at least, it doesn’t have to be. Wilson, who graduated from Carnegie-Mellon and was a legitimate scientist before becoming a best-selling novelist, discusses the future that is approaching us faster than ever before, in smaller, much more focused ways than our parents ever imagined, so focused that some of that future is already here, we just haven’t really noticed it yet.

That Whole Blaxploitation Thing (with David Walker)

David Walker, the country’s pre-eminent scholar on all things Macked, Slaughtered, and Shafted, opens the door to the BadAzz world of Black cinema in the ’70s, a world that learned to take the derogatory name Hollywood gave it, and make it powerful. David discusses the appeal of Blaxploitation, its effects on the film industry, the way Blaxploitation and Kung Fu helped inspire hip hop, the actors you need to check for, and the conceptions of Blaxploitation you need to check at the door.

That Whole Newsroom Thing (with Stephanie Stricklen)

“Anchorman” is not a documentary. But there are definitely elements of the movie that do have the ring of truth, and KGW’s Stephanie Stricklen joins us to peek behind the stage door at the world of the nightly news, the specialized skills one needs to fit in, and what’s really going on behind the teleprompter feeding lines to your favorite on-air personalities.

That Whole Politics Thing (with Jefferson Smith)

The former state senator turned mayoral hopeful turned radio host sits down to discuss just what the hell causes a nerdy little kid to grow up and think he can run for political office, and how one might go about wanting to do more to change things than just waiting for a ballot to show up in the mail. Some things are a lot easier than you might think, and some things are way, way harder, but if you’ve ever thought that maybe you could do a better job than the guy occupying a seat at the State Capital… maybe you’re not wrong.

That Whole Family Thing (with Jim Willig)

Stand-up comedian Big Jim Willig always has a little fire in his belly, a little heat in his heart, and he’s plenty warmed up as he shares stories from his past that shaped his family today. It’s an exploration of the definition of family, their own politics, their own educational systems, and how he reclaimed the successful parts of a broken home, brought them into a tight circle of friends, and transformed that circle into a family of his own.

That Whole Perseverance Thing (with Kristine Levine)

If you had to live through what comedian Kristine Levine has lived through, you’d damn well know the definition of perseverance too. You’d have no choice to be resilient, or you would have curled up into a ball long ago. It starts on a farm in Redmond, Oregon, picking rocks out of the dirt, and ends on a stage with Doug Stanhope coming out of pocket to pay for her first successful stand-up gig; the things that happen inbetween stress the importance of moving forward no matter what, having a support system that helps you keep perspective, and having a strong enough sense of humor to laugh at all those rocks you have to pick along the way.